Bathroom Remodeling’s Current Trends


Like furniture or fashion, bathroom remodeling has trends. Functionality and revolution of designs have spread over the nation. Trends is dynamic, it keeps on changing in weeks or month rather than a single year or two as they were used to. This hardly provides trend awareness among homeowners who are thinking of initiating a project in bathroom remodeling, the period to catch their breath. So, what is the latest now? What is still accepted and what is already not accepted?

Majority of homeowners desire for a more personalized and comfortable home. They prefer to remodel their current home rather than shifting to a brand new home. During old days, remodeling was only done so that there will be an increase of the resale value. At this present time, homeowners usually remodel their house for their own comforts instead of thinking what the potential investor would think. The ultimate reason for remodeling bathrooms nowadays is to create an increased value of the house and the desire to make a more modernized home. To learn more about Paramus general contractor, follow the link.

Market trends

In contrast to the previous decade, the average bathroom size has tripled. Latest trends in bathroom remodeling consist of cabinet with sinks, which are getting on the look of furniture. Radius cabinets are rising by the day. They put on some refined texture to the room. Cabinets hung on the walls are usual. Drawers that are shallow are used for storage.

Important features in remodeling trends

The bathroom sinks have been already brighter in appearance in the latest trends in bathroom remodeling. Lively colors are thought to brighten up a gloomy room in the house. Another well-known method nowadays are the adding of fiberglass or acrylic sinks. Coverings of tub could also effective improve the looks of the bathroom. These is just a set of guidelines in order for homeowners to make their bathrooms look appealing without the need of extravagant expenses for a full remodel of the bathroom.

Paints or wall papers that correspond to the color arrangement of the bathroom are widely popularized these days. Newest trends in bathroom remodeling use concrete or vinyl types of flooring instead of the common tile flooring. The concrete can be perfectly colored in order to fit the color pattern of the bathroom. This is surely be good since there is a significant amount of water exposure in the floors and by using concrete flooring, the floors will extend life’s period. The best information about Paramus kitchen remodeling is available when you click the link.

The fashion statement of fixtures

Changing fixtures is actually one of the latest trends in bathroom remodeling. Changing fixtures by using chrome or gold are known to be simple and popular nowadays. Resin handles and clear plastics that were usually used years ago are not anymore trendy these days.

Take note that not all latest trends in bathroom remodeling is suitable for anyone’s taste or budget. Homeowners who are keen in rising the value of their house could consider fulfilling the newest trends in remodeling their bathrooms.


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